Our goal is to put back social cohesion to the centre of the public debate and help the creation of a less hostile environment able to support the social inclusion in Italy of unaccompanied children and young adults. In this connection, the Never Alone founders have committed themselves to support the civil society organizations through the development of a migration narrative toolkit.


A partnership with the International Center for Policy Advocacy (ICPA) has been set up to reframe the narrative on migration towards social inclusion, through the involvement of the so called “movable middle”. Our aim is to reach those middle segments of the Italian population without a strong opinion about migration and that are more open to listening and changing. This project, that has been co-financed by the Social Change Initiative (SCI), includes the use of innovative tools for a new narrative on migration which are already available in English and German and that have been tested by ICPA. Among these: a video, 12 summary sheets and a platform where you can learn how to use them http://www.narrativechange.org/