Crossing – Inclusion Projects for Young Migrants

Supporting the working and social inclusion for unaccompanied children and young adults (17-21 years) hosted in Rome, Turin and Catania through a multidimensional system of temporary guardianship able to interact with the reception systems already in place. This is the main objective of the Xing-Crossing project.


Xing – Crossing is coordinated by Programma Integra s.c.s., in partnership with Save the Children Italy, Turin Municipality, Esserci, CivicoZero Cooperative, Centro Astalli Association, Prospettiva and CIR – Italian Council for Refugees.


This project focuses on the development of system actions that may interact with what is already in place in order to create a lasting and reliable integration system. In this connection, it is essential that both the minors and young adults be informed about job opportunities, and the tools necessary to access them, by stimulating motivation and project planning, envisioning and building with them an alternative ending other than exploitation.


For the project implementation a common methodological approach in the definition of the workforce and social inclusion has been adopted, able to give value to the beneficiaries’ skills and previous working experiences and, at the same time, support the development of individual skills and “talents” also in relation to the labour market demand.


The initiative includes the performance of numerous actions in the areas of Rome, Turin and Catania, such as: literacy and civic education courses, empowerment and socialization workshops, counselling workshops and PPWA – Personalized Plans for Working Autonomy, advocacy activities for the institutions, orientation towards housing autonomy and the experimentation of 15 co-housings, coaching activities and the implementation of 15 mentoring projects.