Let's build the future together

In 2016 Save the Children launched a new challenge based on integration. Together sustains unaccompanied minor and young-adult migrants (17-19 years) who arrive in Italy alone with the objective of giving them a long-term support towards their economic and social autonomy.


In the regions of Lazio, Piedmont and Sicily, Save the Children has established networks and partnerships with nine partners, among which public bodies, associations and organizations, to plan and carry out accompanying programmes with the full respect of the child’s rights, starting from his migratory project, his needs, his expectations and his potentiality, and working side by side with the host community: with the aim of offering kids the chance to re-build their future and give the Country the possibility to re-read their faces.


Together guides young people who have been involved in training courses and counselling, to the labour market and employment bursaries, supporting them in the care, sports, health and housing aspects. About 1,500 young people have been involved in pathways of Italian and civic education learning: the activities, carried out through the use of social networks and a web radio, aim at enhancing a process of positive integration and facilitating the linguistic learning of words and the knowledge of the workplace organization.


This project implements programmes of internships and the guidance to housing autonomy for at least 60 youths and is committed to creating a database of skills on a National basis for identifying the professional profiles of young adults potentially in line with the needs of the productive sector.


The exchange and integration between children migrants and their peer groups in the host community are guaranteed by the implementation, in any city concerned, of a Children’s Council, which every kid can make his own contribution to and participate extensively at the best of his capacity.


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