Along the way

Network experiments and interventions designed for the transition of unaccompanied foreign children and young adults to adulthood

Lead partner

CESVI, Bergamo

An initiative that takes inspiration from the trip to Italy and the long way that every young person has to go in his life; a project that recalls the journey of public and private bodies towards suitable and integrated responses to young people in order to accompany and make them feel responsible in their migratory path; these are the steps that every local community has to take if it wants to play a leading role in the cultural change characterized by reception and integration, in accordance with its peculiarity.


A network of seventeen partners among which public authorities, social cooperatives, associations and training institutions, is active in Emilia Romagna, Lombardy, Sicily and Tuscany with a view to promoting experiments, networking and replicability of the best practices about reception and integration of young migrants aged between 16 and 19. Along the way supports young people in their path towards autonomy and helps them build the necessary competences and awareness for their delicate transition to adulthood: 173 girls and boys are involved in the study programmes and internships in the area.


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