MSNA – Minors: Sow a New Acknowledgement

M.S.N.A.: this is not a label, but a project to build and share day after day and that goes beyond the emergency approach of migrant children reception.


A project that puts together ten bodies, with the active participation of citizens and institutions, committed to reversing the current vision about foreign minors who are no longer seen as the beneficiaries of default integration programmes but proactive individuals who are responsible for their own life project.


In Brescia, MSNA – Minors: Sow a New Acknowledgement provides about 60 young people and the citizenship with a multi-professional team able to enhance a balanced growth of both the individual and the community and create opportunities for interaction between the migrant and the community around him. How? Through volunteer training and education as well as the sharing of experiences in a cultural and social environment, the development of professional skills, the approach to the labour market.


Being aware that there can’t be inclusion if the city is not ready to welcome, the partners are arranging meetings devoted to schools and developing special programmes in favour of the sector operators and the citizenship for the recruitment of civic volunteers Tutors and the experiment of widespread social foster care practices. These are the paths that may generate a new common space, where  the needs and aspirations of the child are answered and can find opportunities in a conscious and friendly citizenship capable of promoting an effective, long-lasting and inclusive process.


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