Foreign unaccompanied minors and young adults: inclusion and autonomy actions

The Istituto Don Calabria, in cooperation with a network of eight partners, operates in Emilia Romagna, Sicily and Veneto to enhance the reception of young migrants in the regions, and ensure the full respect of the children’s rights as well as the recognizion of their needs.


In the areas where the projects are being implemented, the partners are developing accompanying and support programmes to help young people reach their autonomy, such as literacy courses and initiatives for social integration with a specific attention to the playful, recreational and cultural aspects in their local territory. The project aims at the implementation of employment opportunities for young foreigners by activating employment bursaries and internships lasting a minimum of four months. In addition, in order to promote housing inclusion, it enhances the use of apartments in semi-autonomy and offers packages of housing first, through which it makes contributions for the house deposit and rent for a period of six months.


Foreign unaccompanied minors and young adults: inclusion and autonomy actions is committed to the service operators’ training and the development of effective practices aiming at the immediate identification, even during landings, of vulnerable boys and girls but also possible victims of trafficking. In Palermo, the project has envisaged the creation of a legal information desk for children and young people that may guarantee and extend their protection and support girls victims of trafficking even in the Police report procedures.


In addition, Ferrara, Verona and Palermo are promoting initiatives aiming at informing and educating the local community on the issue of foster care and accompanying families by offering training sessions for the families concerned, and expanding the network of volunteers Tutors through the activation of training courses for aspiring Tutors and refresher courses for those in office.


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