Nevermore Alone

Reception practices specifically designed for young people

Lead partner

Cidis Onlus, Perugia

The challenge for Cidis Onlus and its five partners involved in the project, is to ensure a tailored reception to children who arrive alone in Italy, especially in the regions of Calabria, Campania, Lazio, Umbria, Veneto. Nevermore alone, in order to safeguard the children’s right to a healthy mental and physical development, promotes the interactions and exchange of know-how between the different players involved in the protection of young people, and diversify its interventions for minors and young people during their transition to adulthood.


Nevermore Alone has been the first to work on family integration through the implementation of the volunteer Tutors and foster care system, providing both advocacy and legal protection to promote the respect of the children’s rights. The territories involved promote people’s awareness campaigns on this issue and carry out training programmes for service operators and those who apply for foster parents and tutors in order to examine in depth the psychological, relational, cultural and legal aspects of the reception process.


For young adults, the project is developing sustainable practices in alternative to reception in structures that may allow both the integration of public and private resources and the participation of the young adults themselves to the administration.


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