Improved reception and protection system for unaccompanied minors at risk of trafficking and exploitation

A partnership among Sicily, Puglia, Marche and Lazio involving eight bodies, institutions and civil society organizations with a common goal: developing a specific host system, able to respond effectively and timely to the needs of girls and minors at risk of trafficking.


Sicily is characterized by a large number of landings, a huge presence of foreign children in first and second reception and the transit of various routes of Trafficking and Smuggling that from Libya reach the coasts of Sicily, including the route of Nigerian trafficking, which in recent years has also affected minor girls.


The adoption of tools for identifying and taking care of foreign girls and boys at risk or victims of trafficking are crucial to put in place the necessary protective measures: from the moment of landing, the team must be able to recognize possible indicators of trafficking, even with reference to the minor age of migrants. Through a systematic action, M.A.P.NET supports the various players’ work involved in this process: municipal structures and reception centres’ operators, volunteer tutors, teachers and students of schools that accept foreign children, young people in solidarity groups who are active at a local level, representatives of the municipal administrations and relevant authorities and some Nigerian civil society representatives, important reference points for an effective preventive actions.


The project carries out an integrated approach focused on the formation of about 400 operators, the capacity building in supporting local governments, the experimentation of new means of reception for girls in particular, the exchange of practices and methods, networking, monitoring.


The partners are also involved in a programme of action/research run at an inter-regional level and disclosed at national level whose objective is to enhance the dynamics and methods of intervention in the field and evaluate the action impact and its capacity of multiplication.


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