The Routes of Taste

A route that starts from Turin and arrives in Naples and Palermo …   The project is aimed at supporting the active inclusion of young people by teaching them how to make ice cream … the good one.   The project focuses on the achievement of Unaccompanied children’ autonomy through the integrated temporary guardianship.  … More


Supporting the working and social inclusion for unaccompanied children and young adults (17-21 years) hosted in Rome, Turin and Catania through a multidimensional system of temporary guardianship able to interact with the reception systems already in place. This is the main objective of the Xing-Crossing project.   Xing – Crossing is coordinated by Programma Integra… More

Inclusive zone

Inclusive Zone is a training, creative, and meeting place for the reception and inclusion of those children (boys and girls) who have arrived in Italy alone, and that helps them during their growth, through the enhancement of both their inclusion and progressive autonomy towards adulthood.   At the same time, this is a space for… More

Doman ansema

Doman Ansema – from the Piedmont dialect “Together Tomorrow” – is a working and social inclusion project for young foreigners living in the Susa Valley (Metropolitan City of Turin – Piedmont Region).   This is a project with a strong territorial vocation, linked to the local community and to its direct commitment on giving a… More

Integration for the future

The project “Integration for the future – “Strada Facendo” walking towards life autonomy for foreign minors and young adults who have arrived in Italy alone” is in continuity with the national project “Strada facendo” (promoted within the first edition of the “Never Alone” call for proposals), and develops from the need to find new replies… More


In the Mandinka language SAAMA means “Tomorrow”. And in order that tomorrow and the future of our societies be bright and founded on the sharing and protection of rights for every human being, it is essential that we take care, now and here, of those boys and girls who have come to Italy as unaccompanied… More

Work in progress

Achieving the of autonomy through employment, housing and social inclusion is the result that “Work in progress: transition to citizenship” wants to reach, an initiative targeted to unaccompanied children living in Milan. The goal is to give them the necessary tools to overcome the frailties and uncertainties that often occur when a young migrant approaches… More


“Popeye is a fictional American character who made his debut on January 17th, 1929 in the Thimble Theater comic strip in which Castor Oyl, the initial star of the series, wanted to leave for Africa but had to find a sailor able to lead the ship and met Popeye, a thin, cross-eyed guy with a… More


In the regions of Lazio, Piedmont and Sicily, to plan and carry out accompanying programmes with the full respect of the child’s rights, starting from his migratory project, his needs, his expectations and his potentiality.

Nevermore Alone

The challenge for the six partners involved in the project, is to ensure a tailored reception to children who arrive alone in Italy, especially in the regions of Calabria, Campania, Lazio, Umbria, Veneto.