Start of the project: “Hello Europe – la migrazione che fa innovazione”


The project “Hello Europe – la migrazione che fa innovazione” – starts in May 2020 to realize the activities that constitute the first of the four planned phases:

♦ First Alliances

♦ Ecosystem analysis

♦ Co-creation

♦ Institutionalisation



Although large-scale social change requires broad cross-sectoral coordination, too often the social sector remains focused on the isolated intervention of individual organizations. Ashoka works to change this mode of intervention by bringing together key actors from the social sectors with the aim to create a shared understanding of the problem/need and aligning the different stakeholders towards a vision of systemic change.


In the First Alliances phase we are carrying out the following activities:



  • Stakeholder mapping of the ecosystems of entrepreneurship, profit and non-profit, and reception of foreigners in Italy. We are identifying and contacting 100 policy/decision-makers, civil society organizations, multicultural enterprises, social entrepreneurs, business incubators and accelerators, financiers, starting from the network of partners already involved and engaged during the first Hello Europe cycle.
  • Involvement of 20 stakeholders through an online focus group, which we will carry out in May 2021.
  • Strengthening of the network of identified stakeholders in order to align them on a shared vision of the social problems and challenges that young and very young foreigners in Italy face in the transition to the job market, particularly in the specific case of business development and/or start-up and self-entrepreneurship.


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