In the regions of Lazio, Piedmont and Sicily, to plan and carry out accompanying programmes with the full respect of the child’s rights, starting from his migratory project, his needs, his expectations and his potentiality.

Harraga Guys

A network of nine partners is active in Sicily to enhance and improve the minors protection system, already existing in the area, and to make available to young migrants those services and tools needed to be an integral and resourceful part of the Italian society.


A partnership among Sicily, Puglia, Marche and Lazio involving eight bodies, institutions and civil society organizations with a common goal: developing a specific host system, able to respond effectively and timely to the needs of girls and minors at risk of trafficking.

Along the way

A network of seventeen partners, active in Emilia Romagna, Lombardy, Sicily and Tuscany, supports young people in their path towards autonomy and helps them build the necessary competences and awareness for their delicate transition to adulthood.